Monday, 23 April 2012

ISC London 2012

Monday 23/04/2012:  I missed the keynote and went to the IT Pro track sessions.  I'm not sure about this follow on format being used for the entire conference.  I prefer conferences where each session is packed with speaker tips and allows for delegates to switch between tracks.  Saying that the speakers were good and the sessions are well planned. I still have plenty to learn on the IT Pro track so looking forward to Tuesday.  Was good to see old colleagues and meet some new people.
  • Powershell build and configuration sessions were excellent.
  • SQL tips were good.
  • User Profile session was great to follow despite being way to advanced for my UPS understanding.
Tuesday 24/04/2012:  I went to the 1st 2 developer sessions with Mirjam van Olst & Waldek Mastykarz.  Nice sessions with great perspective on development.  I went to the search session and found these especially the 2nd session with Neil Hodgkinson enlightening.  For the last session of the day I went to Kimmo Forss session on migration, not a technical session but very important and I find Kimmo to be a interesting speaker to listen to.  I think the key from Kimmo's session for me is plan & analyse don't just jump in.

Summary: I am coming around to the follow on sessions idea however, I still prefer the traditional standalone barrage me with ideas approach.  It was good to listen and speak to people with a wide range of roles/experiences in SharePoint over the conference.  This is a good conference and I get a lot of information from these conferences.