Saturday, 29 October 2011

The SharePoint 2010 Handbook

I have been busy lately, setting up a Centre of Expertise for a large organisation for both their SharePoint 365 and there SharePoint 2010 on prem. environment.  In my free time I've been putting together a community book (The SharePoint 2010 Handbook) for the last 5 months.

I have learnt a lot from the other 12 authors and personally I have been exposed to concise chapters that I would not normally look at.  I have found a lot of useful pointers and it's helped me gather my thoughts on SharePoint more clearly.

Order of Chapters
1. Structuring a SharePoint 2010 Practice - John Timney

2. SharePoint Test Environments - Justin Meadows

3. SharePoint Adoption - Veronique Palmer

4. Social SharePoint - Jasper Oosterveld

5. The Art of SharePoint Success - Symon Garfield

6. Exploring Different Options for Implementing SharePoint Solutions - Rene Modery

7. SharePoint Server-based Data Storage and Data Access - Paul Beck

8. SharePoint 2010 Automated Code Deployment - Suzanne George

9. SharePoint Security and Authentication Notes - Conrad Grobler

10. InfoPath 2010 – What is new? - Ashraf Islam

11. Governance in SharePoint - John Stover

12. Creating Dashboards using Business Connectivity Services, SharePoint Designer and other related technologies - Giles Hamson

13. Building Business Intelligence Solutions with SharePoint 2010 - Mark Macrae

Anyway, the formating, editorial is done and now it's time to get the book printed.  So if anyone wants to get the book, the title is "The SharePoint 2010 Handbook".
ISBN-13: 978-1466486744
ISBN-10: 1466486740

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Book contributer you should know in the SP Community

I have been reading & reviewing John Timney's chapter for our new upcoming book "Structuring a SharePoint 2010 Practice".  It is a great chapter and anyone that hasn't seen John present his roles and salaries session should or at least read the chapter.

Structuring a SharePoint 2010 Practice by John Timney
I won't spoil it but it boils down to SharePoint is a big product, make sure you are recruiting the right person for your role.  It's a lot more detailed and I think will greatly help companies build better SharePoint capabilities using John insights.

Symon Garfield (@symon_garfield) has contrilbuted a chapter called "The Art of SharePoint Success", this covers a lot of areas of making SharePoint succesful from the business perspective, so governance and all that good stuff.

Ashraf Islam (@AshrafSP) has contributed a chapter on InfoPath, I saw him present this topic in April.  I've worked with Ashraf, great developer.  His chapter gets to the point and helps techies get into InfoPath quickly.