Tuesday, 16 December 2014

SharePoint 2013 Public Website Check list

  1. Responsive design vs Device channels - Does the site switch resolutions and browsers gracefully.  RWD vs AWD (Adaptive Web Design)
  2. Broken Links: Check My Links 3.3.4 is a plugin for Chrome to check a page for broken links (go over main pages at least)
  3. Fiddler - Use for 404, and other errors, look for dodgy urls and headers being passed around.
  4. Charles is a similar tool - helps with broken links, size of files, shows web calls, review response headers, size of files and speed of execution.
  5. Minification - is the minification of JavaScript and CSS.
  6. Alt labels, WCAG, valid html checker

All devices and browsers (1. PC/laptop (IE 11-IE7, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Mac/Safari), 2. Phones(iPhone, Android OS, Windows OS), 3. Tablets (Android, MS/Surface, iOS/iPad).

Helper Tools:
AddThis.com - Nice tool to add Social bookmarking service for your websites. Collects stats TypeKit - Nice for Fonts, review the licensing needed.

  1. Check Internal Search is not returning passwords
  2. Check google is not picking up passwords/confidential data 
  3. Remove response headers:
  4. MicrosoftSharePointTeamSiteServices(versio), X-Powered-By. X-SharePointHealthScore, X-aspNet-Version) Performance X-SharePointHealthScore
  5. Check XSS and SQL but with SharePoint you are testing the product
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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

SharePoint 2013 workflow

Overview:  SharePoint 2013 has a new workflow engine, you can still use SP2010 workflows.  Not that SP2013 workflow works as a separate install and then a services is setup (same change as for Office Web Apps).

Overview of SP 2010 and SP2013 workflow
Created workflows using Visual Studio or SharePoint designed for SP2013 workflows (Visio also I believe)