Sunday, 23 October 2016

South Africa Compliance & O365

Yesterday, (22 Oct 2016) I presented at SharePoint Saturday Cape Town on securing your Data on O365 and SharePoint. I believe that South Africa is going to have massive requirement around compliance and here and e a few reasons why:
  1. POPI
  2. FSR bill in parliament at moment, this will enable twin peaks
  3. National credit amendment act regulates credit institutions
  4. Fic amendment bill also in parliament to govern anti money laundering
  5. Banks act governs bank
  6. Long term and short term insurance act
  7. Consumer protection act
Additionally, all of the big 4 are viewing big data and compliance as mega trends.

If you understand O365 security at the authentication level and application level you are well placed for the future.

Note: By application level I am referring to things like DLP, EMS, retention policy, ,,,