Saturday, 30 March 2019

Azure Security Checklist

Overview:  Constantly improving Security on Azure and Office 365 is essential to a lot of companies.  Microsoft provide outstanding infrastructure and monitoring for companies and it is also the companies responsibility to configure and secure O365 and Azure to ensure security and allow for the appropriate liberalization of services so the business can operate effectively.  This post outlines some basic items to look at to optimize the balance of security and it meeting you business needs.

I generally go through the infrastructure and write up a report for management in the form of:  Finding, Recommendation and Management Comment.

Finding:  The company users login using their Azure AD accounts and the credentials page has not got customized branding to help user know they are logging into the companies secure resources (SharePoint, email etc.)
Recommendation:  Using the "Azure Portal", use the "Azure Active Directory" Service > "Company Branding" to upload the company logo in banner and square format and update the color/theme for match the firms branding.
Management Comment: We accept the finding and wish to mark the changes immediately.

Microsoft Provide Tooling to help identify improvements and below are two tools you can use to help clarify the current environment so improvements can be recommended.

Network Security Groups (NSG's)
NSG's are basically firewall on Azure.  Fantastic and simple.  They can get really complex with multiple policies.  Azure gives you great tooling for Azure networks called "Network Watcher".