Wednesday, 15 February 2017

MMS hybrid between SP2013 and O365 and SP2016 farms

Problem:  A lot of large enterprise customers have the Management Meta Data Service including the Content Type Hub that SharePoint farms subscribe to.  You are on-prem. with this centralised MMS and CTH.  Now you want search to work on your O365 public tenant and to use SP2016 on-prem.  It may even be more complicated with SP2016 installed on Azure and there is no direct access onto the on-prem SP2013 CTH.

Initial Hypothesis:  You want to have a central production MMS service that all SP farms subscribe to,  You can't subscribe from a SP2016 farm to the SP2013 central MMS service.  O365 can't subscribe to a different MMS, you need to use the MS MMS and sync the term store using CSOM or a tool that shall use CSOM.  Crossing domains such as in a DMZ that does not allow inbound connections look at chaining for CTHub solutions.

Restoring MMS to another farm also see moving the MMS database (think Prod for development workstations) is straight forward if you merely want another copy of the MMS, use the Export-SPMetadataWebServicePartitionData to get the MMS info and then import the MMS proxy using the PS Import-SPMetadataWebServicePartitionData.  Best post is here on exporting and importing ensuring GUIDs are maintained.  Andrew Connell has a great series on MMS and one of his post looks at the Copying the MMS instance from Prod to Development.  A normal backup and restore of the Content Hub Site Collection how to bring a copy of the CTHub back.

In Progress....