Sunday, 8 December 2013

Verify SP 2013 Search Installations

This Script runs PowerShell to check the Search on a farm, it shows where components are configured & working.

There are more details scripts on the web, this is a simple check.


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Restricting SharePoint Designer access

Overview: I dislike SharePoint Designer (SPD).  Depending on your companies/clients SharePoint governance, you can control the use of SPD on you farms.  My default position is turn it completely off.  SPD can be configured at web application (WA) or Site collection level.

My position is turn off SharePoint designer on your production and UAT farms.  If someone needs access they probably should rather do it in dev and package it for deployment or turn on specific access.  SharePoint CA can be used to configure how SPD can work on specific Web Apps.

Controlling SPD at a WA level is can be done via PS or using CA.  Tip: CA > General Settings > SharePoint Designer > Configure SharEPoint Designer Settings > Select the web app to edit and adjust accordingly.

More Info: