Saturday, 14 January 2017

Performance Testing SharePoint

Problem: Once again performance testing has raised caused concerns on a project.  There are various methods for calculating how many users a system can deal with.


Non-function Requirements are key to determining how "performant" the SharePoint farm needs to be to deal with peak loads.

Load testing allow us to mimic various users and see when the site/farm performance starts to degrade.  A good idea is to identify all the possible actions the users will perform  and items like Search are far more resource intensive than clicking on a link in.

Average visits per hour = (5,000 average visitors/day) / 10 hours = 500
Page Request per hour = (Ave visits/hr * 5 ave page request/hr) = 500*5  = 2,500
An example can be further broken down as follows by assuming of the users 5 request, 3 are for pages, 1 is a search and the last is viewing a document.
Recording this scenario with wait times provides a basic load test whereby the user numbers can be increased at 5 minute intervals.