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Office Web App Common Problems & Fixes

There is now a article on WCA on Technet that includes troubleshooting.  Updated 30/04/2014.

Finding your issues: Office Web Apps (WCA) displays and error, without a correlation Id.  If you have a small WCA farm, you can trawl the WCA ULS logs using ULS eventviewer to find your issue.  However on a busy or large farm finding the ULS errors is tedious.  You can use IE development tools, fiddler or any tool provided you can find the correlation Id send in the response from the WCA server.

The screenshot below shows how to use fiddler to find a correlationId returned from the WCA server.  In the browser view the http response and find the "X-CorrelationId" property.

Tip: It is also worth verify the WCA farm is reachable and running using https://wcaservername/hosting/discovery


Problem: When opening a work or pdf document I receive the following error popup "Sorry, there was a problem and we can't open this PDF. If this happens again, try opening the PDF in Microsoft Word.".
Initial Hypothesis:  WCA was working and pdf's were opening.  The error is similar to the error received when the networking is not correct (WCA machines can't access the SharePoint WFE's).  Opening the ULS logs on the WCA machines, I can see the following error message "WOPI CheckFile: Catch-All Failure [exception:Microsoft.Office.Web.Common.EnvironmentAdapters.UnexpectedErrorException: HttpRequest failed ---> Microsoft.Office.Web.Apps.Common.HttpRequestAsyncException: No Response in WebException ---> System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server ---> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it 10.189.xx.15:443"   

Resolution:  My load balancer is not passing through the traffic from the WCA servers using https to the WFE's.  Fixed the loadbalance so https traffic is forwarded correctly.  The WCA servers need to speak to the WFE/SharePoint servers either on http or https depending on how the WCA farm is configured (SSL termination, with or without ssl are the 3 options).


Problem:  Can't open any document in WCA and the WCA ULS is generating the following issue:
WOPI CheckFile: Catch-All Failure [exception:Microsoft.Office.Web.Common.EnvironmentAdapters.UnexpectedErrorException: HttpRequest failed ---> Microsoft.Office.Web.Apps.Common.HttpRequestAsyncException: No Response in WebException ---> System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel. ---> System.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationException: The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure.   

Initial Hypothesis:  On each specific WCA server, I try open the SharEPoint web Application i.e. https://www.demo.dev, the browser displays that the certificate has errors "Certificate error".  Opening up the certificate and the certificate chain looks correct.

1.> Run > MMC > File > Add snap-ins > Certificates > Add > Computer Account > Local Computer > Finish. OK.
2.> In the MMC console navigate to Certificates > Trusted Root Certificate Authorities > Certificates > (Right click) All Tasks > Import (both the Trust root and the intermidiary certificates required.
After adding the missing certificates, open the the browser and check the certificate.  Thank to David C for documenting and figuring out the issue is the certificate chain being used on the WCA servers.  Office web apps is working again.


Problem: When Opening a word document I get the following error when Office Web Apps tries to render the document "There's a configuration problem preventing us from getting your document. If possible, try opening this document in Microsoft Word."

Initial Hypothesis: Check the ULS logs on the Web Front End (SharePoint Server) as this doesn't tell me much.  I found the following issue in my ULS:
WOPI (CheckFile) - Invalid Proof Signature for file SandPit Environment Setup.docx url: http://web-sp2013-uat.demo.dev/Docs/_vti_bin/wopi.ashx/files/6d0f38c0d5554c87a655558da9cedcad?access_token...
Resolution: Run the following PS> Update-SPWOPIProofKey -ServerName "wca-uat.demo.dev"

More Info:


Problem:  When opening a docx file using WCA (Office Web Apps) I get the following error mes: "Sorry, there was a problem and we can't open this document. If this happens again, try opening the document in Microsoft Word."
I then tried to open an excel document and got the error: "We couldn't find the file you wanted.
It's possible the file was renamed, moved or deleted."

Initial Hypothesis: Checked the ULS logs on the only OWA server and found this unexpected error:
 HttpRequestAsync, (WOPICheckFile,WACSERVER) no response [WebExceptionStatus:ConnectFailure, url:http://webuat.demo.dev/_vti_bin/wopi.ashx/...
This appears to be a networking related issue, I have a NLB (KEMP) and I am using a wildcard certificate on the WCA adr with SSL termination.

Resolution:  The error message tells me that it can't get back to the SharePoint WFE servers from the OWA server.  The request from the WCA/OWA1 server back to the SP front end server is not done using https but http.  I have an issue as my nlb can't deal with traffic on port 80.
I add a host entry on my OWA1 server so that traffic to the SharePoint WFE goes directly to a server by IP and it works.  This means i don't have high availaibilty.  A NLB service dealing with the web application on port 80 will fix my issue.

The OWA Server need to access the web app on port 80.  My NLB stopped all traffic on port 80.


Problem:  The above issue was temporairly fixed by adding a host entry on the WCA1 server so that using the url of the web application on port 80 would direct the user back to WFE1.  I turned on WCA2 and WFE2 so I now have 2 SharePoint Web front ends & A 2 server WCA farm.  In my testing I have docs, doc and excel files.  From multiple locations I could open and edit the docx and doc files but opening the excel file gave me this issue: "Couldn't Open the Workbook
We're sorry. We couldn't open your workbook. You can try to open this file again, sometimes that helps."

Initial Hypothesis: Documents are cached and the internal balancing seemed to make word document available using office web apps.  I assume the requests are coming out the cache or from OWA that has the host entry.  I need to tell OWA where to go via a host entry or NLB entry.  Note: using a host entry won't make the OWA highly available/redunadant.  This is the same issue as mentioned in the problem above.

Resolution: I added a host entry to the WCA2 server, it points to the WFE1 machine.


Problem: Opening docx or pptx files in Office Web Apps 2013 results in the error "Sorry, Word Web App ran into a problem opening this document. To view this document please open it in Microsoft Word."

 Resolution:  I don't like it but I had to remove the link to the WCA farm, rebuild the WCA farm and hoop SP2013 back to the WCA farm.  [sic].  Other documents were opening and I realised that my bindings were incorrect after I rebuilt.

Problem: Can't open word, pdf, pptx or excel documents using Office Web Apps.  ULS on the OWA servers included these log messages: WOPI (CheckFile) - Invalid Proof Signature for file.  WOPI Proof: All WOPI Signature verification attempts failed.  WOPI Signature verification attempt failed with public key. 
Also found in the logs: "Error message from host: Verifying signature failed, host correlation" "
HttpRequestAsync (WOPICheckFile,WACSERVER), request failure [HttpResponseCode:NotFound, HttpResponseCodeDescription:Not Found, url:https://www.demo.dev/_vti_bin/wopi.ashx/files/8b07d55558955551beb5555bed545553?access_token=REDACTED_1014&access_token_ttl=1392256555993]"

Same issue ULS excerpt:  
Error message from host: Verifying signature failed, host correlation:
WOPI CheckFile: Catch-All Failure [exception:Microsoft.Office.Web.Common.EnvironmentAdapters.FileUnknownException: WOPI 404   
 at Microsoft.Office.Web.Apps.Common.WopiDocument.LogAndThrowWireException(HttpRequestAsyncResult result, HttpRequestAsyncException delayedException) 
FileUnknownException while loading the app.

Hypothesis: None, I can't understand why the SP and WCA farm are struggling to communicate.  I believe the cause is to do with the the load balancing/network changing [sic - maybe]. 

Resolution: Remove the link between the Sp farm and WCA
PS> Remove-SPWOPIBinding –All:$true
Connect SP to the WOPI farm
PS> $internalName = "wca.demo.dev"
PS> $internalZone = "internal-https"
PS> New-SPWOPIBinding -ServerName $internalName –AllowHTTP
PS> Set-SPWopiZone -zone $internalZone

 Problem: Intermitten requests are not returning the pdf/word documents.  Most requests are working and occasionally 1 request doesn't work.  Every 4th request tries to get the pdf to display on Office Web Apps for a few minutes without any error message and then stops trying and displays the message "Sorry, Word Web App can't open this ... document because the service is busy."

Initial Hypothesis:  Originally I thought it was only happening to pdfs but it is happening to word and pdf documents (I don't have excel docs in my system).  My monitoring software SolarWinds is badly configured on my OWA servers as the monitor is showing green, drining into the servers monitoring the 2 application monitors are failing.  The server should go amber if either of the 2 applications fail and in turn red after 5 minutes.  At this point I notice that I can't log onto my 4 OWA/WCA server.  Web request are not being returned.  I look at my KEMP load balancer and it says all 4 WCA servers are working, I notice the configuration is not on web requests but on ping (not right) and the NLB/KEMP is merely redirecting every 4th request to the broken server.

  1. Reboot the broken server, once it comes up I can make http requests directly to http://wca.demo.dev/hosting/discovery the server: and it's all working again.
  2. SolarWinds monitoring is lousy - need to get it fixed
  3. Kemp hardware load balancing needs to be changed from checking the machine is on to rather checking each machine using a web request.



Unknown said...

Hey I had the same issue with my computer. I wasted my time on it for
many days but finally I got a solution from this link

Gopi Krishna said...

I am facing issue in opening a word document with office web app generated using open XML sdk. Any thoughts?

Paul Beck said...

Hi Gopi,

I assume you can open the document using Word. What version of a word doc are you generating? Check OWA/WCA can open the same version document.

More details would be useful.

Kamalpreet Singh said...

Hi ,

I have exactly the same problem as you listed-
(Problem: Opening docx or pptx files in Office Web Apps 2013 results in the error "Sorry, Word Web App ran into a problem opening this document. To view this document please open it in Microsoft Word.")

But I don't understand your solution. Can you please explain it in detail?

Unknown said...

Awesome, thanks a lot. Banged my head against the wall regarding "Sorry, there was a problem and we can't open this PDF. If this happens again, try opening the PDF in Microsoft Word."." Fixing the name resolution between WCA and WFE fixed it.

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