Sunday, 13 August 2017

SQL 2016 thoughts - 5 reasons to consider it

A couple of good reasons to use SQL 2016:

  1. Temporal Tables - Use instead of Tomb tables/highlander tables.
  2. Row Level Security - specify access to a row for users and groups
  3. Always encrypted - encrypts data at rest on a column (don't confuse with column level encryption)
  4. Read data from queries in JSON object format - nice
  5. Performance - The jump to using SQL 2016 is massive.  I've even heard people recon double the performance on the same kit as SQL 2012.  Multiple Temp DB tables is a big part of this.  And ultimately the best reason.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Common KQL Search Helper

Overview: I am forever forgetting the intricacies of using search and this post is a short note for common searches I use.  Ensure the search is working against "Everything":

Find items under a specific url (Path)

To only see team site (webtemplate)

To see Content Types e.g. task list items

Example used in a search box for using a wildcard on the title
ClientSector:Finance AND Title:*Paul*

You can use the query approach for any Managed property to refine your search.  Example:'ClientSector:Finance*'&startrow=2&rowlimit=500

ClientSector is a Managed Property (property bag) at the root site collection level of each site collection.
startrow is telling my query to skip the first 2 results
rowlimit is telling the search to return up to 500 results (max is 500, default is 50 if not specified).

Similar querying can be done using the search results page in the browser:*#s=105
Client Sector MP search equivalant in the browser
s = startrow

It is a good idea to have a query tool (SharePoint Search Query Tool V2.7) to help build up queries and validate query logic.  I have built consoles to do this in CSOM in the past or used PowerShell with CSOM which is pretty good. (PNP Tools GitHub)  as of 10 Dec 2018 version 2.8.2 is the latest version.


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