Tuesday, 22 June 2010

XLV Web Part with filtering and customised UI (xslt)

Overview: Create a filterable view to display orders. 2 SharePoint lists: Product & Order and connected via a lookup column. Each product has an owner that we call the printer. We will use an Xslt List View (XLV) Web Part (WP) to display the multiple orders information. The UI will be customised using xslt and lastly a filter is needed to select the Printer/Owners. This will allow the Owner to see all their outstanding orders.
1.> Create a new Site Page using the SharePoint 2010 site.

2.> Insert a SharePoint List Filter Web Part.

3.> Insert a XLV WP, this is created by SharePoint for any list/library that is create in SP2010. You will see the appropriate WP under the “List and Libraries” category when adding a WP to a page.

4.> Configure the SPListFilter to display the Owners/Printers.

5.> Setup the 2 WP to be connected WPs.

6.> Web page for ready for testing.

7.> Perform filtering using the Owner filter.

8.> Results Displayed


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