Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Migrate Physical dev env to VMWare

Problem:  I have a laptop that boots Windows 2008 R2 and is my based SP2010 dev machine.  I need the machine to be available on a PC will additional memory using virtualisation.

Initial Hypothesis:  I could take an Acronis image of the laptop and then duel boot the the PC but it's far easier to do a P2V (Physical to Virtual) conversion and run the new image using VMWare workstation.

Install VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone client.  Open the VMWare converter application.
 Select "Convert Machine"
 Follow the steps as shown below:

 Finish the wizard and once the task is complete you will see the screen as shown below:
Open VMWare Workstation (V7.1 is the version I used)
Open the virtual disk created by the P2V process and you will now have you VM running inside VMWare (vmdk extension).


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