Friday, 24 June 2011

AntiVirus for Windows 2008 Developer Machines or WAF

Problem: My developer machine always runs Windows 2008 R2 x64.  I use the machine to browse the Internet and would like anti-virus installed.  No workstation based anti-virus will install on Windows 2008 Sever.

Initial Hypothesis: All the vendors that provide Anti-virus for Windows 2008 are expensive and are Server based anti-virus software whereas I am using my developer machine to surf and occasionally bring on files so I only need workstation based anti-virus.  Unfortunately I have never found a regular anti-virus that runs on Windows 2008 until now ... and best of all it's free and from Microsoft.

Resolution:  Use "Microsoft Security Essentials"

List of anti-virus plug ins

Update: 04 Sept 2013 - Antivirus and SharePoint 2013 (Spencer Harbar)

Update: 31 May 2022 - WAF sometimes don't have a anti-virus or cost a lot.  This is a simple approach to use a Linux container to provide an Open API endpoint to programmatically allow files and links to be scanned.
"The SWS Virus Scan Container project leverages ClamAV docker image and provides a REST API over it, which can be used to scan files and URLs. This container image is compatible with Azure Web apps for Containers and could also be run within other orchestrators like Kubernetes (and AKS)."


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