Thursday, 21 July 2011

Managed Properties in FAST

Problem: Create mapped managed properties in FAST (FS4SP) using PoweShell.
Initial Hypothesis:  You can create Managed Properties that are mapped to crawled properties using the UI thru CA.  However, for deployment thru environments it is better to script the mapped managed properties creation using Powershell.
1.> I created a Document Library that has extra columns for: Section, Appointment, Clinic & Hospital number as shown below.
2.> Ensure you have performed a "Full Crawl" on the Content SSA (FS4SP has 2 SSA in order for it to work, the content/index and the query SSA).
3.> PS to retriev the crawled property names, they will be at the bottom of the txt file created and are prefixed with "ows_".
4.> Find the crawled property name, this will be used in the next PS script that associates the crawled property with the managed property.  Open c:\cp.txt to see the crawled property name, this is usually at the bottom of the file.
5.> Use PS to 1) create a new managed property, 2) map the appropraite crawled property onto the managed property.
6.> Run the Full Crawl again thereby propulating the Managed Properties
7.> Check the managed properties in Central Admin (CA)
8.> Perform a search to ensure the managed property works i.e. clinic:CL123


Mikael Svenson said...

Nice tutorial :)

I would recommend scripting the crawled properties as well for deployment scenarios, saving you the initial full crawl. Or even use the .Net API and include it in a feature (

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