Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Book contributer you should know in the SP Community

I have been reading & reviewing John Timney's chapter for our new upcoming book "Structuring a SharePoint 2010 Practice".  It is a great chapter and anyone that hasn't seen John present his roles and salaries session should or at least read the chapter.

Structuring a SharePoint 2010 Practice by John Timney
I won't spoil it but it boils down to SharePoint is a big product, make sure you are recruiting the right person for your role.  It's a lot more detailed and I think will greatly help companies build better SharePoint capabilities using John insights.

Symon Garfield (@symon_garfield) has contrilbuted a chapter called "The Art of SharePoint Success", this covers a lot of areas of making SharePoint succesful from the business perspective, so governance and all that good stuff.

Ashraf Islam (@AshrafSP) has contributed a chapter on InfoPath, I saw him present this topic in April.  I've worked with Ashraf, great developer.  His chapter gets to the point and helps techies get into InfoPath quickly.


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