Friday, 26 October 2012

SQL 2012 Slipstreamed Installation

Overview:  I like automation.  I use AutoSPInstaller for SharePoint even on developer VM's and taking this further I want to automated SQL installations.  This post explains how to installed SQL Server 2012 on a domain controller.  Sure it's not a good idea but I want a standalone development machine for SharePoint 2013 Preview.

 Once SQL Server 2012 is installed via the PowerShell completing, verify SQL is accessible.
 Thanks to Wayne Senior for the PowerShell scripts.


westerdaled said...


I had the exact same thought when installing SQLServer 2008R2 today with SP1 and SP2 ahead of a Spautoinstall. Can I use this approach and are the scripts/ config file downloadable (not easy to see on my phone)

Paul Beck said...

There are 2 good SQL install projects on CodePlex that will work for SQL2008. This post relates to SQL 2012, you need to create the folder structure from the SQL install files and generate your own configuration.ini's.

Consider moving to SQL 2012 if you haven't yet installed, it has AOAG and will be supported for longer. You can use SP2010 with SP2 ontop of SQL 2012.

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