Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Power Apps Component bug fixed

Problem:  Creating a new component with Input parameters.  When using the component and setting the custom input parameter with a global variable, the value passes thru, as the variable is reset, the control does not update with the variable.  Replication Steps are recorded  in the 2 min 20 sec recording showing the issue.

Initial Hypothesis: I have a large Power App project that uses this technique a lot.  The global variable were working until Fri 14 Feb 2020.  I believe the Power Apps version has been updated and is causing the issue.  I have tried the work on multiple environments and tenants.  It is happening across them all.


Warning: This affects Power Apps release 3.200221.27 (rolled out to me on Fri 14 Feb 2020), I think 3.20014.23 (latest release as of 13 Feb 2020) was still working correctly.  Don't change your app if it published on the lower versions until Microsoft release a new version.  This only affects Power Apps using Components and using Global variables on the component's input parameters.

Resolution: Power Apps release 3.20022.17 as of 20 Feb 2020 (UK tenant) has been fixed.  Quickly identified and corrected.


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