Sunday, 9 December 2012

Setting up VMs (VMware ESX5)

Overview:  VMware ESXi is a 1st class virtualisation platform and commonly used to host SharePoint VM's.  The post looks at the common tools for managing/setting up my VMware based infrastructure.  I'm certainly not an expert in virtualisation but this is a 101 in setting up VM's.
vSphere Client connects to the ESXi server infrastructure and provides a UI management tool.
PowerShell with PowerCLI to let you manage your ESX infrastructure using PowerShell. 
My preferred option is to use PowerGUI and user the add the PowerCli add in so I can interact with ESX but I have Intellisense and nice debugging capabilities.   The snippet below shows how to connect to the ESXi server.
Script expanded with more detail.  Really need to loop throu config to create multiple VM's and get their individual settings.
Before running the script ensure you have the OSCustomizationSpec and OS template as you need them to build.
Check the VM is created.
Summary:  Useful scripts for building a unique set of VM's on VMware.  For Continuous Integration it is better to start with pre-build environments.  My next step would be to fire off the SQL Server 2012 builds on 1 or more of these VM's as shown in the SQL Server 2012 slipstreamed install.

Thanks to Wayne Senior for info in this post.


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