Friday, 7 June 2013

Why I like VS/TFS 2012 no I mean VS/TFS 2013

Visual Studio (VS) 2013 and Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2013 is being released in the next few weeks - that was quick.  I'm just getting comfortable with VS 2012 and the announcement comes that VS 2013 is being released later this month.

So, this is going to be a blog on VS 2012 with TFS, my number 1 favourite new feature in VS 2012 is local workspaces.  Pre VS2012 all workspaces were Server based workspaces.  "Local" workspaces differ in that when you go offline you have version control on your local machine.  You can rollback/compare to an old version.  So for me and my laptop on client sites I find it a big improvement.  Very simply this is how GitHub works (from my extremely limited knowledge of GitHub).  You have local version control and this is synced up with the central source control repository.

Another feature worth looking at will be Release Management.  I am working with TeamCity to build my Infrastructure (PowerCli for VMware and Powershell to build SQL Server.  Autoinstaller runs the SP part).
TFS 2012 - Scrum template home page

Team Rooms are already on TFSPreview, seems like a nice idea - not sure how the takeup will be from devs.


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