Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Number of Accounts needed for SP2010 & Managed service accounts

Problem: How many accounts are required for SharePoint 2010?
Hypothesis: In MOSS I used 7 accounts for farm installs using my default slip-steamed medium/large farm install.  It really depended on what you needed to run.  You can use service accounts to run services in SP2010.
Resolution: SP2010 introduces managed service accounts, that are used for running SharePoint services.  You don't need to know password and it changes the account passwords per your SharePoint policy so a better option in my opinion so I have used them on my 2 installs.  Also pretty nice to only require the 3 accounts for install as shown below:

Need AD accounts
  1. Administrator account (Admin on local SP boxes, needs domain user account permissions, pref db owner
  2. Farm service account/database access account (needs domain user account permissions)
  3. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 search service account (needs domain user account permissions)


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