Thursday, 8 August 2013

Stretched farms, Geo-replication and options

Stretched farm: A stretch farm is where you put a single farm into 2 data centres.  This provides redunancy across locations improving HA and DR.   Generally the 2 data centres will be located relatively close to one another geographically as the ping time needs to be less than 1 ms from any WFE to the primaray SQL Server database and at least 1 gigabit per second bandwidth.  hospitals with multiple sites / data centres that have good network connectivity and are located close together is a perfect example.

Geo-replication: SharePoint 2013 like previous versions does not have Geo-replication built into the product.  You can use PowerShell to provide this functionality.  A more achievable approach is to use a 3rd party tool such as DocAve to achieve and maintain Geo-replication.
SharePoint 2013 Geo-Replication
Another option, without the hassel to GEO-Replication is to use Riverbed devices distributed around your corprate network.  This decreates network requirments and improves the end user experience and does not involve syncronising data to multiple farms.  Riverbed's website.


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