Tuesday, 1 October 2013

AutoWCAInstalller - Create an Office Web App 2013 Farm automatically

Overview:  Create a 2 VM WCA farm that will be used by the SharePoint 2013 farm on Windows 2008 R2.

Overview of the WCA farm and SharePoint WFE's

1.> Copy the folling files onto each VM in the WCA farm.  I add this to my template or do an xCopy to the machines.
2.> Install the Pre-requisites and WCA binaries
Run the following PS cmds in this order on each VM:
C:\Windows\Temp\OWA\InstallOWA.ps1 # WCA Pre-reqs on the 1st VM

C:\Windows\Temp\OWA\InstallOWA2.ps1 vm-wca1 # WCA binaries on the 1st vm


C:\Windows\Temp\OWA\InstallOWA2.ps1 vm-wca2

C:\Windows\Temp\OWA\WAC_ConfigureOWAFarm.ps1 \\\c$\EN\Build\OWA\OWAFarmConfig-UAT.xml
C:\Windows\Temp\OWA\WAC_ConfigureOWAJoin.ps1 "VM-WCA1.demo.local"

  • InstallOWA.ps1 - Install pre-requisites for Windows 2008 R2 VM's.
  • InstallOWA2.ps1 - Installs the WCA binaries and WCA patching needed for Windows 2008 R2.
  • WAC_ConfigOWAFarm.ps1 - Create the WCA farm on the 1st/main VM.
  • WAC_ConfigOWAJoin.ps1 - Join the 2nd or more farms to the WCA farm.
  • SP2OWAConfig.ps1 - Hookup of Sp2013 to your new WCA farm.
  • configSilent.xml - I use this to install the WCA binaries/exe in silent mode for automation.  You can see an example of creating this on the Office Web Apps 2013 installation media.
Tip: Use the Invoke Cmd to install WCA remotely, I use TeamCity to do this but PS work perfectly on a remote server.

My generated log file from VM-WCA2 is here if you want to check your install.

Appology:  I lifted some of this PowerShell off codeplex and I can't find the original source to reference the code.  


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