Sunday, 6 April 2014

Writing SharePoint PowerShell Modules or snap-ins

A module is a self-contained set of code that once loaded can be called/used.  I use modules to keep similar SharePoint functionality that I want to reuse.  There are 2 basic types of modules:
1.> Script modules, this is the easiest and most common type of module.  Take you .ps1 file and rename it .psm1
2.> Code/Binary modules are compiled dll's that can be loaded and used.  You can also create a snap-in with binary code.
3> Snap-ins, are compiled code dll's.  The snap-ins can be loaded and used within your PS console.

Snap-ins are not code modules.  I prefer to keep my files as ps1 files and load them in a controlling .ps1 files before using them or if I need to write code that uses the CSOM I would use C# and create a snap-in that I can port and consume.

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