Friday, 23 May 2014

SharePoint 2013 Licencing

Overview:  I have looked at licencing in the past and SP2013 licencing seems

  • There is only 1 server licence (not longer, standard, enterprise or Internet as was the case in SP2010), pricing for the server licence has come down significantly.
  • Cals are still broken into Standard or Enterprise.  Pretty similar pricing but you can mix and atch cals depending on what your users use.
  • OWA is not paid for at the server level, no cals needed in read-only mode but if you are editing documents you need office cals licences.

Disclaimer:  These are my note and I'm not an expert on licencing.  This is my rudimentary understanding.  If any one with good info pls comment or let me know so the post has real value.

SP2010 licencing
SP2010 licencing ore info on this site 


Mikael Svenson said...

While you are right, there still is a standard and enterprise license key with sp2013. When using standard you have the same service app limitations as in 2010.
MSDN only has the enterprise I understand the confusion.

The most important licensing part of 2013 is that extranet users are included with the server license. No additional packs required.

Mikael Svenson said...

You are right about the server licensing, but there is still both a standard and enterprise key for SP2013. When you purchase enterprise cal's, you will also get an enterprise license key to unlock the enterprise features, just like you did in SP2010.

The big benefit in my opinion for the SP2013 licensing is the included use rights for extranet users in the server license. No need to buy extra license packs.

Also, if you have E3+ licensens in Office 365, you have usage rights for on-premises enterprice cals as well.

Hope this helps :)

Paul Beck said...

thanks Mikael, Great info and clarifications.

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