Thursday, 1 January 2015

Working with JavaScript and SharePoint 2013

Assumed/Common Framework:
Knockout vs Angular vs Backbone -
Modenrizr.js - detect browser capability
underscore - utility functions for arrays and collections.  Feels like LINQ queries
toastr - toast notifications

Data Access Modules:
1.> data.js - manage OData client access for JavaScript (supports caching & batch operations)
2.> Breeze.js - entity modelling and querying (ORM for JS.  Backend transformed to a data object i.e. 3 related customer tables becomes the customer object). Looks like LINQ queries.  Data.js is inside of breeze.

Presentation / App Pattern:
Knockout.js - (MVVM), declarative binding and dependency tracking.  Matches data to front end, then track changes and update.   Easy to use and understand.
Angular.js - MVC data binding,routing (url controls pages).
Compare: Knockout (good for SPAs) for more complex application whereas knockout is more light weight.

Responsive Design:
LESS - Minimises css, makes it simple to read not repeating attributes.
Bootstrap.js / Zurb Foundation 4 - Media queries to style for the device based on 12 column layouts.

Framework for cross cutting concerns (logging, caching,)....

Useful JS modules:
JS Mapping module:


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