Monday, 18 May 2015

Remote Event Receivers Basics

Overview:  Historically we use Full Trust Code (FTC) within SharePoint 2010 and MOSS to have the ability to handle events in SharePoint such as an item being added to a list.  Since SP 2013 and going forward, full trust code is not the preferred approach and Microsoft of Remote Event Receivers (RER).


  1. RER are web services that implement the iRemoteEventReceiver interface and a remote web server (WS). RER's WS can be hosted on an IIS application server (including Azure).
  2. Asynchronous events supported with different code approaches: 1. Synchronously call on the before and after events i.e. ItemUpdating, ItemUpdated 2. Asynchronous on past event/-ed events i.e. ItemUpdating only.
  3. RER's can be fired on SP events such as list item changes, BCS events, 

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