Thursday, 25 May 2017

Xamarin is fantastic-

Overview:  I am enjoying working with Xamarin, easy for any C# developer with a little experience and forethought to build decent applications.  Microsoft/Xamarin really reduces the barriers and makes building native mobile applications very achievable.  Nothing to do with SharePoint but maybe my next out of hours project will encompass O365.  I saw a demo at an Azure conference 2 months ago and thought it looks pretty straight forward.  MVVM with C# makes iOS and Android development of native apps easy.

Proposed Solution:  Scratch card game
  • Build a Web  Service for holding game and user details
  • Build UI to reveal scratch card for Android and iOS
  • Sign in using Facebook
  • Retain users winnings and games played information 
Summary: PoC is going well, deployed the Web Service and SQL back-end, registered with Facebook and can login.  Secured mobile apps Droid and iOS.

Tips: PCI projects and Xamarin forms projects do not play nicely together.  Choose the project type wisely.  Also get some help from a Xamarin developer, it is saving me so much time when I hit an unknown.


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