Sunday, 18 March 2018

101 PowerApps for SharePoint on-prem.

Overview:  Microsoft PowerApps is easy and can be used to build robust applications.  It is common for organisations to have data store on-prem and in the post, I look at the Infrastructure to have a Power App that uses data stored on SharePoint 2016 on-prem.

PowerApps can create forms from:
SharePoint: Replace lists on a form
Desktop (think this is being removed by MS)
Online at (Preferred option to build an application from scratch)

Either choose the phone or tablet layout for your application/form.
Do not confuse with SharePoint MS Forms.  SharePoint forms are for basic forms (replaces FOSL), very limited usage whereas PowerApps are the replacement for InfoPath.

PowerApps works nicely with Flows.  Note:  I believe Visio will be able to create Flows with.
Formula-based programming like Excel.
Can also hook to Azure Functions.
Link InfoPath, you can save the PoerApps files to move them around.

Setup PowerApp using O365
Install the "On-prem. data gateway for Microsoft PowerApps" to communicate with on-prem.  Configure the outbound firewall to allow traffic thru
Connect to SharePoint 2016
Laura Rogers presented at SPC2018 on PowerApps


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