Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Microsoft Information Protection Update

Microsoft as of 2019 Feb is still using Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)/ Azure Information Protection AIP interchangeably as this video from Ignite 2018 Oct highlights.  Today I went to the Ignite tour and AIP and MIP are being used to mean the same topic that I'm referring to as AIP in this post.

MIP is a framework that includes AIP includes AIP scanner (files share and SharePoint on-prem.), DLP (cloud), RMS, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, MCAS (cloud), Windows Information Protection (integrates, understands AIP labels), need a central portal to monitor in to the "Security and Compliance Centre" (SCC).

The screenshot from the Ignite London presentation shows where AIP is today as presented by Maayan Nasman Rand.  The presentation was a good overview of AIP.  The big improvement to AIP over the past 3 months is the Analytics/Monitoring, this was not working and now it's very good but still in preview.

  • AIP is getting closer but I feel the big missing piece is the encryption used by AIP does not allow SPO to provide previews and more importantly search cannot index the data in SPO.  Despite this key missing piece, I'd use it on O365 without encryption if I'm in a SharePoint store.   
  • The native applications auto labelling is improving quickly.
  • The Auto-labeling feature is new and useful.
  • A few months ago, AIP labels were merged into the Security & Compliance Centre, worth noting is if you had labels in AIP admin, you need to migrate the labels using "Unified labelling" option and the policies need to be manually brought into the Security & Compliance Centre.
  • Auto-labeling is now in the Mac Office suite and also it is coming to the Office apps in Droid and iOS (preview).
  • AIP is an add on, new Office and Office for Mac and Android have the AIP plug-in already installed.  Applies to all office products including Outlook, Word, Excel, PPTX.
  • The UI ribbon for AIP in Office on Windows has also been updated to a new look.
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) has scanners to perform labelling (like AIP scanner) but also works on g-suite and Box others are coming
  • AIP Scanner works on file shares (CIFS) and SP2013 and SP2016 on-prem.
  • 3rd party product Adobe Pro does not do yet have the ability to update labels, but it's coming soon (Jun 2020?).  They use the SDK that developers can all use.  
  • The Monitoring/Reporting is actually working, a year back it was flakey and the UI and find-ability UI is much improved.
  • A couple of Preview Screens show today:

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