Thursday, 28 May 2020

Microsoft Teams Power Apps Integration

Overview: Teams are amazing, I was a complete Slack fan, but I'm 100% now a teams supporter.  It's part of O365, replaces Skype (which was great but only a chat app like zoom), you get your email, and can add all your apps and websites to your Team.

Adding your custom Power Apps to Teams:

Adding A Power App to MS Teams:

  1. MS Teams uses the Chrome engine (Chromium) as it's browser.
  2. A feature I don't like about Teams is that when i switch focus to say a chat window and come back to my Power app within MS Teams, I loose my place in my power app and the app is loaded from scratch.
  3. I believe the problem of apps maintaining session state will be solved shortly with pop out Windows in Teams around July/Aug 2020.
High-Level Flow to Build a native MS Team application:

Some Teams Dev Options: Power Apps, Blazor SPFx, React, Flutter


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