Sunday, 7 March 2021

SaaS Product Customer Experience - level 101 Thoughts

Overview: With SaaS products is is easy for our customers to leave.  We need to reduce turnover/churn and technology can help to deliver great Customer Experience (CX). 

Topics to Review:
  1. SLA's & OLA's
  2. Service Status Page - Microsoft do a great job at showing status pages for their services.
  3. Incident Management - Convert into knowledge base both internally and customer facing.  Sales and customer management information alignment.  Find a customer, see their past requests, help reduce churn. service now incident management
  4. Content - product documentation, community forum, online knowledge base, ability to have a good search to cross all the channels (think Coveo), support chat bots, live conversations with support.
  5. Certifications, gamification useful for building a community. 
  6. Communicate new features, educate support, educate sales and evangelists and clients.  Training and consultancy.  Monitor communication, use Sentiment Analysis.
  7. Support level i.e. free support may not allow phone conversations and not have an SLA whereas premium support may offer 24 hour production issue resolution with money back guarantees.  Example: Azure Support Plans.  Phone is expensive for support, do we offer this 24/7 and having good support is costly.  People are becoming more familiar with digital self service.  It is also a good idea to have a  warm hand-off from automation to a person.
Getting your processes correct and clear is key to your Digital customer experience (CX).  Key areas to consider: 
  • Advertising/attracting clients, converting leads to clients;
  • Trials and paying (make it easy, cost effective, billing) - customer must understand what they are paying for;
  • First time user experience (easy good experience the client can use);
  • Habitual users (once use to the system, do my users have the best experience - get usage telemetry); and
  • Support (levels of support, chat bots, email, call support).
Thoughts: SaaS world changes so quickly these days, great customer experience and support are more important than ever.  An interesting idea I heard, "You can loose a customer on price or customer service, you will only win them back thru customer service".  (KYC) Know Your Customer to ensure you can delight your customer.  Get one step ahead, try understand your customers concerns early.


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