Sunday, 9 January 2022

Azure DevOps Series - Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipelines are good at deploying solutions by setting up the infrastructure (I prefer to use PaaS and get out of the Infrastructure world, using ARM templates) and deploying code with the appropriate DTAP environment configuration.  Azure Test Plans are used to verify builds. 

Overview: DevOps allows for shorter duration periods to deploy code into production.  Some industries still require a high amount controlled environment code changes, think medical systems.  In the PaaS world with DevOps pipelines automation of code and verification is drastically reduced.

It's key to figure out your DTAP deployment strategy.  I outline a mixture of an old school deployment strategy with a PaaS DevOps model that is fairly risk adverse below:

This PaaS approach requires three types of pipelines:

  1. PaaS Infrastructure - One-offs and updates
  2. Build/App Deployments
  3. Database data or Schema (Bounded Context) updates 

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