Sunday, 6 February 2022

Microsoft Defender for Cloud for B2B SaaS solution based on Azure PaaS

Microsoft Defender for Cloud were previously called Azure Security Center and Azure Defender.  Its function is hardening via suggestions and actively monitoring (and stopping) usage.  Azure SQL has it's own defender, and Microsoft Defender uses the same SQL tooling as part of it.  It's a great tool, while it can be expensive, even turn on in production for set periods and then deactivate.

Two tiers of Microsoft Defender for the Cloud:

  • Free - Continuous assessment & Hardening suggestions
  • Paid - Same as free but also can apply suggestions and active threat prevention.

Enable it for specific services, at the service level it is all or nothing, so if you have 40 app service instances, it's monitor all or nothing $$$

Microsoft Defender for Cloud - an introduction | Microsoft Docs


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