Monday, 11 October 2010

SPMetal naming conventions - good practice

Problem: The Linq to SharePoint proxy generates properties using the display name of the column, additionally spaces are removed.  If you use a friendly short name you get duplicates.  The 2nd instance is appended a integer.  If you add a column with the internal name "Advert Title" and it's display name is "Title", SPMetal generates 2 properties namely: Title (the default column in all lists) and Title0, not ideal to differeintiate in code.

Resolution:  Make the display name more specific to avoid the scenario.  I.e. "Publication Title" would become the property "PublicationTitle".

Tip: Update 18 Oct 2010 - SPMetal does not like spaces in the url to the site that it generates off.  Error the web at ' site' could not be found


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