Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Amending the Welcome Menu

Problem: Welcome Menu or Personal Actions Menu occasionaly refered to as the User Menu. SharePoint 2010 that displays the users name in the Welcome server control, this by default in the top right of the master page.  You can add new menu items or hide existing menu items.
Initial Hypothesis
  • The Welcome user control is located in the 14 hive at 14\TEMPLATE\CONTROLTEMPLATES

  • The user control is reference in master pages.
  • Take a copy of the welcome.ascx file as you will be working on the original or need to reference your new copy in your master page.
Resolution: Hide the menu option in the Welcome Menu.
Use the PermissionString property to dispay the menu option depending on your permissions.
Edit the Welcome.ascx file for each menu option element add the visible attribute and set it to false to hide the menus.
List of valid properties for the PermissionsString property
Alternatively set the MenuItemTemplate attrivute visibility to false, this will hide the menu option for everyone.
Resolution - Another option for changing the welcome control:
  • Remove the server control wssuc:Welcome from the master page or set it's visibility to hidden.
  • Then write a Replacement control and add it to the master page.

 Resolution:  Add a new menu item
  • Add a new element to the project that will be deployed as a feature

  • Add the following code to the element file


  •  New menu item (Open BBC) is add to the welcome menu.


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