Friday, 31 December 2010

Closing a popup dialog after running server side code

Problem: A base page allows a user to perform additional logic such as inserting a a new row into a list via the Dialog Framework.  The new row is a custom page that is shown thru the Dialog framework.  The custom page contains a web part that allows the user to fill in a form, perform custom logic and insert the record.  You now need the dialog page/popup to close automatically after the server side code is run.  The problem is you need to run the server side code before closing the window.

Initial Hypothesis:  I have been using jQuery with a hidden server control to set a value on the server side after my custom server side actions.  Then after the page reloads due to the postback, on the jQuery $document ready I check if the hidden value has been set and if it has I use the dialog framework to close the page.  A fair amount of work and round trips to solve my problem.

I saw a post on the msdn forums which is much simpler & better solution.  I implemented this and it is much easier and better than my hidden variable approach.

Place the code snippet in the server side code i.e. in the button click after you have performed your server side logic.

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