Thursday, 7 April 2011

CKSDev My Favourite Features

Overview:  I love the codeplex project CKSDev.  This is the Community Kit for SharePoint 2010 - Developer Tools, it allows me to perform a lot of my tasks within Visual Studio 2010, it has a lot of templates I need and it has great local devlopment environment deployment tools.

Initial Hypothesis:  I estimate that I use 20% of the tools 80% of the time.  In this post I'm looking at what I use and like CKSDev to do for me.  The most important features for me revolve arround deployment.

1) Deploy code quickly - I use to use WSPBuilder for MOSS, all the features and more are now part of CKSDev.  You can deploy code, reset IIS, deploy to the root hive, all faster than do a full deployment from VS.
2) Turn on the Developer Dashboard - OK I run Powershell to turn on my dashboard but it can be done easily using CKSDev.  Using Solution explorer navigate to the Site collection, right click and select "Developer Dashboard", I set mine to "On Demand".
3) Sandbox templates - Ok CKSDev use to include an SPI template for Sandboxed Visual Web Parts, this has been retired and I now use the "Power Tools for SharePoint 2010" (VSIX).  The full trust proxy SPI template is needed to log my Sandbox solution exceptions.
4) Other SPI templates - branding, master pages, Custom Actions, SPMetal... a lot of useful templates.
5) SharePoint Reference Tab - I dislike having to navigate to find the SharePoint dll's when adding references to my projects.  CKSDev add a new "SharePoint" references tab.
6) Discovery/Explorer - Using the solutions explorer when CKSDev is installed I get to see more artifacts from the Site Collection.

Summary:  I highly recommend using CKSDev, it speeds up development for SharePoint 2010 developers considerably.


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The spmetal template is also worth listing

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