Friday, 22 April 2011

On Holiday - Missionvale

Problem:  Yesterday I went to Missionvale in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Missionvale is a charity registered in South Africa.  What a brilliant charity!  It's a micro charity so you can really see how every cent is spent which I like.  They work with a lot of HIV affected people.  Pretty dire situation these people are in, I really wish i could do more.

Initial Hypothesis:  Like all charities worldwide, Missionvale are struggling for funding.  This really is an amazing place.  I don't think a lot of South African's realise places like this exist.  I will gladly pass on any details if anyone would like to volunteer or make a donation.  They have some building projects over the next few months so if you are coming to SA, get in contact and help out or just come see the charity.  The children have little in terms of earthly goods but are happy playing.  My daughter played with them and it's great to see London hasn't influenced her ability to have fun with the children at Missionvale.

Resolution: My resolution is to help this charity more in the future.  Funding is a major concern especially as money for food is not really a focus in the world at the moment.  However, nutrition is key to helping Anti Retro Viral (ARV) drugs work.  There is a school at Missionvale that is being expanded where they feed and educate about 150 children.  I don't think anyone would argue with a feeding/nutrition program to help children learn.  These guys do so much I will definitely be donating more money in future and helping with events in the UK. 

Here are some of the children we saw.

What this has to do with SharePoint?  Well almost nothing except a lot of people read my blog, if you would like to find a charity, consider volunteering or making a donation this is a brilliant charity that is accountable (and audited by PWC).

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