Monday, 2 May 2011

SharePoint Retreat South West London

Overview:  Ashraf Islam & I are presenting a SharePoint Retreat on 14 May in Cobham (South West London).  We are looking at LINQ to SharePoint & InfoPath on the day.  This event broadly follows Andrew Woodward's SharePoint Retreat format: so it's free, everyone attending will get real world coding practice and we to retrospectives after each session.
To book for the event:

LINQ to SharePoint Session Downloads:
VS project - create lists & set up referential integrity.
VS project - deploy a visual user control web part via a sandbox solution. 

Update 14 May 2011 - Thanks to everyone - i gained a lot from the day, good to meet a and discuss things with some passionate devs & architects - paul
Update 28 May 2011 - Video I recorded on using LINQ to SharePoint


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