Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lotus Notes to SharePoint 2010 Migration Notes

Lotus Notes application migration to SharePoint 2010 can be done using various tools such as:
Quest - Notes Migrator for SharePoint comes highly recommended. Has some real top guys working at Quest.
Binary Tree - Comprehensive tools for migrations specifically a tool to migrated from Lotus Notes to SharePoint.
AvePoint - Migrate Lotus Notes/QuickPlace/QuickR to SP2010.  AvePoint have various migration to SP2010 modules such as for Lotus Notes, Documentum, LiveLink, File System, Stellent, Vignette.
BAInsight offer connectors in this space and can migrate Lotus Note application database data into SP2010 list.
Metalogix - is a good migration tool but it does not allow for Lotus Note migration.  I have used this on 2 client projects and have been happy with the product.
PCVite - Express migrator for SharePoint

More Info: Blog on Notes to SP migration mainly focusing on Quest's Notes Migrator for SharePoint.
Blog post on migrating lotus Notes to SharePoint 2010 -


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