Friday, 25 May 2012

SP2010 April 2012 CU warning

Problem:  I waited 3 weeks after the SP2010 April 2012 CU was release to install on my dev VM thinking it must be safe.  Installed and ran psconfig to discover my User Profile Service (UPS) is not working.

Initial Hypothesis:  As I can't fix the UPS using the UPS rational guide or the MS UPS post I rolled back and reapplied the April patch UPS is working.  I guess this must be a corner test issue but regardless I can't replicate te problem. 

Resolution: MS have pulled the April CU, this has happened twice before with other CU releases since SP1 and subsequently an update April 2012 CU binary patch is probably going to be re-released.  So for now stay off the April 2012 SharePoint 2010 CU as of 28 May 2012.  If you want to patch use the February 2012 CU (providing you need it).

June 2012 CU for SP2010 is the latest patch as of 03 July 2012.

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Patrick Sender said...

Do you have some more details about what is not running?

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