Thursday, 28 June 2012

Working with SP2010 offline

Problem:  Often users are disconnected from SP2010 on premises, they need to work with data and update the SharePoint farm with the changes.

Initial Hypothesis:
Groove 2007 (Ray Ozzies company bought by MS) was the approach for off line content for MOSS, it is not call Workspace 2010.
Lists can be exported to Excel (this can be kept in sync or decoupled, the 'Design tab > Refresh' ribbon button will pull the current list data). 
Access can be used to retrieve and write back the data to the SP list. 
Outlook "You can synchronize a SharePoint library, contact list, task list, Project task list and a certain type of SharePoint external list with Microsoft Outlook 2010. Because many SharePoint 2010 users also use Outlook 2010 to collaborate and coordinate activities and projects, the ability to synchronize these libraries and lists can help you become more efficient, especially if you work offline or don’t have convenient access to your SharePoint sites all the time."

  • Workspace 2010 is brilliant for offline conent watch out as it doesn't work with SP calendars and come other conent types such as publishing pages.  Also not the size is limited to 2GB or 30,000 items per list/document library.
  • Excel is a great option for working with data out of SharePoint and it can be kept current.  Maximium number of items is limited to 50,000.
  • Access can either take the data as an export from SP or have it linked to the live SP list.  Working with the live data can not use SQL/Query builder in Access.  Updating any data in Access will update the SP lists, so useful for updating data as opposed to Excel being read-only of the data.
  • Document librarts can be brought into Outlook allow for offline usage.  Calendaars can be overlayed and tasks are easy to setup with 2 way sync.


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