Wednesday, 27 June 2012

SP2010 List View Throttling

Overview:  IT pro's and developers in SP generally understand the properties that can be used in setting list views in SP.  Users of SharePoint and department site collection administrator types seem to find it confussing.

How Lists Throttling Works - Simplified:
SharePoint's default list view threshold is 5000 items.  This does not mean the list is up to 5000 items simply that your list view will querry the list and work with a maximum of 5000.  Now the point to understand is that if you are filtering on 6000 rows event though you are displaying 100, you have passed the threshold as you need to look at all 6000 that you are filtering/sorting.  If you add an index to the property that you are filtering/sorting on, it will work. 

"For a view to quickly filter through a large number of items, the first column that you specify in the filter must be indexed. Other columns you specify in the view filter may or may not be indexed, but the view does not use those indexes. You also need to make sure that the first column of the filter does not return more items than the List View Threshold, even if the final result of the filtered view returns less than the List View Threshold. " from MS.

The smallest the list view threshold can be set to is 2000 results.
List thresholds can be increase for general users, this can have performance issues.

Glyn Clough explains list view throttling clearly in more detail.

Steve Peschka explains working with large lists.
Tutorial from MS.  This blog and movies explains view limit thresholds perfectly.


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