Thursday, 21 February 2013

PS3 with ISE

Key new features:
  • Intellesense
  • Autocomplete with the tab key
  • Regions - not only using the regions keyword but you can also fold up statements for easier reading of code.  A good example is if statments can be foldeed down.
  • Snippets - Can add you own custom snipptes, to see the ISE custom snippets when writing PS click "ctrl + j".  Easy to add you woen snippets.
  • "Show Command2 tool option in ISE is powerful for building PS.
Note: Don't use PowerShell 3 with AutoSPInstaller 3.2 for SP2010 (including using the version switch i.e. -version 2), it doesn't work and even changing AutoSPInstallers internal web call fail. It can be made to work with the version 2 switch but it isn't worth the effort.


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