Tuesday, 21 May 2013

AccessDeniedException when deploying Rdl to SP2010 Claims based site

This Post by Adam Saxton saved me hours of time today.


I setup SP2010 with SQL 2012, all appeared to be working until I create a rdl and tried to deploy it into SharePoint from BIDS in VS2010.  Got the error: The permissions granted to user are insufficient for performing this operation. reporting services + AccessDeniedException.

Resolution: This is a permissions issue on the SharePoint site, I opened the url http://<sitecollection>/_layouts/people.aspx?membershipGroupId=0

I had 2 identical accounts: demo\administrator & DEMO\Administrator.  I ran the select statement explained by Adam to check the user table on the content db where the site collection sites:
SELECT tp_login, tp_title, tp_delete from UserInfo

I deleted the NT account (not the claim account) using the SP UI (http://<sitecollection>/_layouts/people.aspx?membershipGroupId=0).  Re-ran the T-SQL query and the offending NT account (DEMO\Administrator) has been virtually deleted by SP.

I can now publish the report.

More Info on setting up SSRS for SharePoint:


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