Sunday, 19 May 2013

Creating related lists for SP Hosted Apps using VS2012

Problem:  SharePoint Hosted apps need to use their own site collection (app site collection) to hold list data.  In this post I look at setting up 2 lists that are related.  To clarify what I am trying to achieve I have created an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) below.

Initial Hypothesis:  Provisioning fields, content types, list definitions, list instances and seed data is fairly similar between SP2010 and SP2013 within an App.  The VS2012 tooling is good OOTB and I am using a few simple xml based tweaks to get them working as I like them.

Open VS2012 ensure you have the SharePoint developer addin and create the Question list as shown below.

Amend the list to show your fields:

Hit F5 to debug the App, edit the url to view the list you created.  My url after I edited it is shown below:

Question list is working

Repeat the list setup process in VS for the "Comments" list.  We will start from the step where you add the related look to the Posts list.

Working Result:


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