Thursday, 25 July 2013

Identifying page load times using Fiddler

Problem:  I have poor performing pges and I need to see which pages are causing my issues, I have the Developer dashboard or web testing in Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate but a nice quick way to identify the issue is to use fiddler with a slight customisation.

Resolution: There are 2 options in Fiddler to monitor performance:
1.> Highlight the requests and click the Timeline tab
2.> Customise Fiddler to show request times for each request as shown below.

Process to Customise Fiddler:
Create a TTL column in fiddler to see how long each request is taking.  In Fiddler press Ctrl + R, this opens the editor CustomRules.js.  Edit as shown below.

In my scenario the page is taking 6 seconds to load as shown in yellow highlight.  My SQL database hosting my SP Config database could not grow.  Once I correct this, my TTL is under 0.1 seconds on a blank default publishing page.

More Info:
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