Sunday, 26 January 2014

How to test SharePoint 2013 applications

Overview: There are several forms of testing and this post aims to provide basic testing information to assist you make sure my SharePoint application are fit for purpose.  Basically, functional testing including the UI is essential but performance testing is another big win for large enterprise application on Share.Point.

Testing using Selenium for SharePoint
UI Testing and Monitoring

Create a Test Plan - consists of:
  1. Test configurations: The combinations of processor type, operating system version, and browser version on which you want to test the application.
  2. Test environment: The number and characteristics of the computers on which to run the tests. Set this if you are testing a web-based or distributed application.
  3. Test settings: The types of data that you want to collect while running the tests.

Below are the results from a single server VM running a simple load test.  This is VS2012 on Windows 2008R2 against SP2013 with SQL 2012.

Burp Suite is a good easy to use Penetration testing tool and as always Fiddler has numerous uses for testing.

HP's WebInspect is also a good penetration/security testing tool:

Tip: SAST & DAST are application security testing methodologies used to find vulnerabilities.


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