Saturday, 8 February 2014

DevOps and SharePoint

Components of DevOps
  • IT Automation
  • Agile Development
  • Operation and dev teams working together
  • Service vitalisation
  • Continuous releases
  • Automated testing (Recorded Web UI & Unit testings)
  • Performance
Why DevOps
  • Collaboration btwn Dev & Ops teams; reduce unknowns early on, info easily available, better decision making, improved governance.
  • Increase apps faster; faster time to market
  • Improve App quality; environments available and not tedious to deploy
  • Reduce costs; fewer staff required as tasks are automated
DevOps Maturity Model
There are different levels of maturity and your final goal will depend on your company.  Operations departments are very different in a bank as opposed to Facebook.
The 4 main stages to DevOps Maturity are:
  1. Early - Manual traditional approach to software delivery.  Little or no automation.
  2. Scripted - Moving toward more automation.  Some scripting is used to assist the tracked recorded deployment process thru DTAP environments.
  3. Automation - Reusable common automation approach to releasing applications.  Workflow/orchestration using the automation capabilities used over all the DTAP environments.
  4. Continuous Delivery - end-to-end application delivery process from dev to production environments.  Probably includes Continuous Integration, nightly builds

Presentation at SharePoint Saturday 2013 on of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)


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