Sunday, 23 February 2014

SharePoint Online Random Tips

1.> SPO and PowerShell:
To connect and use SharePoint online you cannot have a small business plan (P).  The Medium and enterprise Office 365 plans allow the SPO PowerShell scripts to run (very few so far).
Steps to use PS against SPO:
1.1.> Download and install the SharePoint Online Management Plugin
 1.2.> Add the snap-in/module to your PowerShell (or use the console with the snap-in already loaded)
 1.3.> Connect to your SharePoint site and validate it works.


2.> OOTB SPO Workflows:
P Plan only has three state workflow
E Plan has 5 basic workflows: signature, 3 state, approval, ..

Sandbox does not support Visual Studio based (code) workflows but you can create declaritive workflows via SPD.

SharePoint 365 Workflow Creation Process:
  • Prototype in Visio 2010 by using the SharePoint specific workflow, this can be demonstrated with the end user as they understand Visio workflow diagrams to explain there business process.
  • Export Visio 2010 diagram to SPD
  • Implement the workflow using SPD can integrate InfoPath forms
  • Custom actions are created using VS and can be deployed, the custom actions can be integrated into the SPD created workflow.


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